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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Training the Dog, Part 2

Reclaiming the Sofa

Apparently, Huar Huar feels that because he uses the furniture like people, we're all his prison bitches. The solution to this, as was kindly pointed out to us again by Liane and Roy, is to either A: get him off the furniture or B: buy taller furniture. So for now, Huar Huar has entered phase 2 of our attempt at turning him into a normal dog, and he is no longer allowed on the furniture. Eventually we'll let him up on it by invitation only, but for now, no furniture for him.

In our new place it's been quite easy - the only furniture that he can reach downstairs is the sofa - 3 days of kicking him off repeatedly has paid off in that he doesn't really even try any more. Or, so we assume. I have no idea what he does at night while we're upstairs, but I'm sure I wouldn't approve. He's probably been making sweet sweet love to our shoes or something. I wouldn't put it past him.

Now that boundaries are being set, we're going to try place training him onto a mat by the garden door, and see how that goes.

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