Prescription for Disaster

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Don't use the pee sponge to wash the dishes...

We've started potty training the twins. 

God help us.
So far we've had one pee in the potty (she was horrified), two pees on the sofa, mystery poop throughout the house, all day demands to watch Elmo's potty DVD (kill me), the potties have been taken outside and covered in sidewalk chalk, dinner has been dumped into the potties, panties have been worn on heads and panties are now being worn on top of their diapers.
They are also refusing to take off their spiderman outfits, despite having peed in them.
It's been an interesting week at our place. 

Thank god we're poor and everything is from ikea. The girls can pee all they want all over my Hemnes, Dagstrop, Framsta and Soder.
Can you imagine me telling their grandparents about our potty training escapades? We watched Elmo and then the twins got pee all over my soder. No, not sofa, soder. Soder. SODER. The ceiling lamp, dammit! And no, I don't know how it happened either!

And it might just be me, but I'm dreading having to clean out the potties. I think that will be much worse than diapers. If it were up to me, I'd have them in diapers until they were 6, just in case. 

Paul, on the other hand (genius of the household) was the first to clean out the potty (just pee) and instead of taking it to dump in the toilet upstairs, he dumped it in the kitchen sink and scrubbed it out with a dish sponge. Then he put that dish sponge at "the back" of the sink, with the "real dish sponge" (that looks identical) at the front of the sink to diffentiate.
I asked him how we are meant to tell the difference and he said "well, the one at the back of the sink is grungier and it has pee on it. Don't use that one for dishes". 

We're having loads of house guests this summer - I'm debating recommending that they bring their own dishes, just in case.

We didn't go into this thinking that it would be easy. We haven't read any books, consulted any websites or really, done much more than purchasing potties and putting on the Elmo Potty Training DVD and hoping for the best.  So we're plugging at it and doing what we can to potty train the twins. With as much help from Elmo as we can get.

That evil, giggling bastard Elmo.