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Monday, 9 April 2012

Detox Fail

Alright, so Day 3 didn't go quite as badly as anticipated. But see that up there? That's how I was feeling last night. Kind of like a snake that ate a goat.

The diet has been going alright, Paul has been very supportive and has been reducing his bread/pasta/grain/sugar/crap intake as well for the most part and we've been eating much better for the past 2 days. Only 2 full days so far, of breakfasts like this:

Lunches like this:

and dinners like this:

I've been feeling a lot like this:

Have I been hungry? Oh yes. A bit on the crazy side? Yep. But apparently it has been working to detox our systems because on Easter, we let it all go. We ate all of the kids' candy (ahem) with / for them, we had pizza for lunch, buns throughout the day and a big roast dinner with mashed potatoes, chocolate cake with ice cream and Doritos with Salsa oh, and pop. Can't forget the pop. We felt awful by the end of the day. Absolutely god-awful. And this morning? Oh, much worse. Much much worse.

At first we panicked, thinking that this was a return of the deadly Man Flu to the household, but then started to realise that one single day of craptactular eating (not even that bad, really, just to our normal level of craptactular eating really) and we could really feel it. We woke up with headaches, sluggish, bloated (like a snake that ate a goat) and exhausted. 

So after only 2 days of successfully detoxing our systems with this new eating plan we screwed it up royally. Good for us. 

So, in for a penny in for a pound, what's a girl to do but go finish off that cake so it can't tempt me any more!

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