Prescription for Disaster

Friday, 18 July 2014

Author's Cave - Celebrating Indie Authors!

So I am officially an Indie Author - which although infinitely cool is also infinitely intimidating. I've entered a world in which I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing. However, there shall always be strength in numbers, so I've joined The Authors Cave.

Part of this is an annual 'Blog Train' -  in which we use our blogs to showcase other Indie authors within our group - some of which have written some really fantastic stuff!

So here is my intro to the Author's Cave Blog Train

This is my book! It feels SO crazy to say that! Links to info about Prescription for Disaster are above and on the side - and I sincerely hope that you too can appreciate the funny side of falling apart.

3 Sentences about myself:

I'm a Canadian living in England, but I've lived in China, America and Hong Kong, so far. I'm an absolute magnet for disaster and I really have no shame - so I write about my experiences in mayhem. I like to write, but I love to make people laugh and to tell a good story.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare disease - which tends to propel a person toward some serious doom and gloom. I spent ages looking for a positive, uplifting and funny book about the experiences in hospital of people who were there all the time like me, but I couldn't find anything like it - so I wrote one. It's been out for only two months but so far hundreds of people are laughing - hard, and feeling better, even if just for a moment. 

And that is all I ever wanted.

The first three words I would use to describe myself are:

Driven, Optimist and very, VERY unlucky (I've actually been hit by lightning)

I am currently working on this project:

A similar compilation of my adventures in China - more adventures in mayhem and misadventure!

My favourite thing about Author's Cave:

This is a group of established authors that tolerate my general ignorance and idiocy with a smile. Very helpful and supportive - plus they actually know what they're doing whereas I'm just going at writing and publishing my books like a dyslexic bear typing with oven mitts on. I have NO IDEA what I am doing but they nudge (punt) me in the right direction.

Here are three more books from the Author's Cave that you might enjoy!

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  1. Putting humor on trauma is such a relief. Prescription for Disaster sounds refreshing when things aren't going "just perfect"! Nice post today and so glad we are going to see more of you in the Cave!!

  2. If your book contains the clever and witty "wordsmithing" used in this blog post, it's guaranteed to change your luck...for the better! Why do lightning strike victims have to learn the hard way; that when your hair stands on end, you have about a millisecond to duck? lol

  3. Candace, I'm so glad you ran on the train because this book sounds like hilarious read. I can only imagine! Lightning--holy camolie!